At a Glance:

As you can see I’m family man. Though I have known my wife, Rylee, since the 4th grade, we didn’t date until college. We made it official in May 2008-probably the single greatest decision of my life (short of saying yes to Jesus).

These are my number one and number two priorities in life: to serve my wife and serve my kids. From there, it’s been the better part of 7 years that I’ve learned to love and serve my local church.

I am a pastor and I absolutely LOVE what I get to do for a living.


  • Hospitality (I see all people and I make them feel safe/welcome)
  • Discernment (I have the ability to read people, hear people, understand people and share with them some wisdom)
  • Communication (I try to sharpen the skill of the written and spoken word)
  • Leadership (I am committed to developing those who I have earned the privelege to influence)
  • Encouragement/exhortation (I feel the most alive in my lane when I’m given an audience with others to build into and build up)


  • Sales (as a teenagers I sold smoothies and I sold New Balance shoes)
  • Restaurant industry (for approximately 4 years, on and off, in my early 20s I worked for a very elite, high-end restaurant company-Hillstone Inc.-I credit them with teaching me some of the greatest organizational leadership lessons of all time.
  • Humanitarian aid (my wife and I have traveled and served in over 3 different continents working for a range of non-profits from medical campaigns to peace and reconciliation movements)
  • Church work (it is calling, it is career… it is the work of inviting people to a new and changed life, teaching them the way they should go and multiplying it all.)