Episode 29: Are You a Victim or an Overcomer?

Episode 29: Are You a Victim or an Overcomer?

Hi Friends! If you’ve ever found yourself in a battle (at work, in your relationship or parenting) and caught yourself in some “stinking thinking” then this episode is for you!

Be encouraged by this conversation between my wife and me about how she has learned, as a mother of 7 kids, to face each battle with a radically different mindset.

Raising a large family doesn’t afford the opportunity to die on every hill; there are too many daily moments, battles, outcries. God has been showing my wife that the key to survival in this stage (of raising young children) is all in the view of things.

There is great power in our mindset and we believe that, in every single circumstance, you will be afforded the opportunity to chose to be a victim or an overcomer!

Listen and enjoy (and share!)

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