Episode 25 | When Tragedy Strikes + Meeting God on the Open Road

When tragedy strikes especially celebrity it gives everyone pause. It also stirs pretty much every single kind of question… Life, death, heaven, eternity, family, meaning and on and on.

Here I take aim at all of these questions.

I also share a very personal journal entry about meeting God on a bike ride.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you’ll share with those who may find it helpful or encouraging.



The Applebee Way Podcast is BACK!

The Applebee Way Podcast is BACK!

After almost a year-long sabbatical (accidental-sorry about that!); we’re back and better than ever.

This second season will prove the best we’ve ever offered.

More interviews.

More of my wife.

More marriage and parenting. (And frankly anything that pops into my head.)

We start next week with a story of how God WRECKED me on a recent bike ride. (We’re talking ugly cries for days.)

Here is episode 1 for season 2… thanks for staying in this journey with me-I want to hear from you… seriously!