Who needs mentoring and coaching? Young kids, millenials, new parents… everyone could use a life coach!

But first, we have to admit a need to get better and then we have to build a mentoring relationship on a foundation that will last.

Today, Loren and I cut through mass-produced coaching buzzword phenomenon and focus on the bedrock foundations of fruitful coaching and mentoring relationships.
Loren is a retired Pastor of more than 30 years and went on to study coaching for a decade.
Together we have been attempting to build a flourishing mentoring team at our local community of faith.

Any meaningful coaching relationships must be build on:
1, commitment to consistency
2, commitment to intentionality
3, commitment to tough questions
4, commitment to pay it forward

As always, here are some resources mentioned in today’s episode:
Crazy Love by Francis Chan (book)
Love Languages by Gary Chapman (book)
Article on the need for men to play and stay connected https://byrslf.co/thoughts-on-the-vegas-shooting-14af397cee2c

Check out the episode here!



One thought on “Episode 16, The AWP: Coaching Essentials Featuring Loren Pine

  1. “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” is something within your magical experience
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    He decides to help you one of his crews 3 days per week and
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    Growth is steady and profits increase but he is not interested in the
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    I have had the utmost joy in meeting some people who are truly living their “calling,” and how much of an inspiring thing for someone to see (especially kids).
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