Have you ever wondered why you felt like you were in a total rut at work? 

Like no matter what the task or season that you were just generally unsatisfied with your work, position, vocation…

I bet one of the major reasons was because you have felt or are feeling that you are playing a losing game.

Last summer I had the privilege of listening to author, speaker and organizational strategist, Chris McChesney at a church conference and within the 45-minute firehose of big ideas, one major thing stuck out to me-been chewing on it every since. 

He said two things that shook me to the core:

“People play differently when they know someone is keeping score” and; 

“Do your people know they are playing a winnable game?”

I just thought to myself, ‘holy crap! that absolutely MUST be why so many people feel stuck, immobile, purposeless, passionless and just outright defunct in what it is they do for a living!’

Some context:

You have to understand that this guy was not merely talking about competition or supervisory accountability or introducing more fun in the workplace…

His broader discussion was about establishing goals and execution toward those big huge goals. But MOST IMPORTANTLY that these goals and how to achieve them should be clear and visible for those who are actually in the game!

Now… I’m in no position to tell you how to establish goals or even measure them (that whole conversation is most times confounding to me-I’ll keep you posted as learnings develop on this front). But what I can speak to is the passion in execution. 

So here are my 3 tips for replacing “stuckness” with passionate execution in your work.

1 What you’re fighting for (the cause, the why, the purpose, the end goal)

If you don’t have clarity and vision around this then go get it! Either from a supervisor or boss or if you work for yourself then do some soul searching-in my opinion-daily on what it is you’re working for and why it all matters. I suggest a daily declarative statement centered around the mission and vision of your work (again this is not like a daily task mission and vision this is like THE BIG WHY.) 

2 Remember that your position in the process/organization is just as mission critical as anyone else in the entire org chart

Yes, this is about self value, positional value, how you think about yourself and your role but its also about understanding the fundamental nature of an organization. Just take the picture of the assembly line… assuming none of us are robots or replaceable (and we really won’t be if we commit to this last point)


…Against others-sure; but even against yourself. Around work we have a saying, “better your best”…. better YOUR best… no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in you can always sharpen your own skills, your own knowledge and therefore your own execution! Regardless of what the person in the lane next to you is doing. (Though I admit, I, personally, am extremely motivated by competing with them too-FOR THE EXPRESSED PURPOSE OF MAKING THEM BETTER IN THE PROCESS!…and hence raising the level of the organization as a whole). 

I get it-not everyone likes to compete while loading and unloading the dishwasher or their kids in the car as I do; not everyone feels like they have something to compete for… But EVERYONE has something to fight for. 

My encouragement to you is to find what that is. Keep it in front of your face-daily. And remember your place within the organization matters because everyone’s a leader-right from where they are. 





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