Episode 29: Are You a Victim or an Overcomer?

Episode 29: Are You a Victim or an Overcomer?

Hi Friends! If you’ve ever found yourself in a battle (at work, in your relationship or parenting) and caught yourself in some “stinking thinking” then this episode is for you!

Be encouraged by this conversation between my wife and me about how she has learned, as a mother of 7 kids, to face each battle with a radically different mindset.

Raising a large family doesn’t afford the opportunity to die on every hill; there are too many daily moments, battles, outcries. God has been showing my wife that the key to survival in this stage (of raising young children) is all in the view of things.

There is great power in our mindset and we believe that, in every single circumstance, you will be afforded the opportunity to chose to be a victim or an overcomer!

Listen and enjoy (and share!)

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Episode 26 + 27 are LIVE | Featuring Rylee Applebee

Episode 26 + 27 are LIVE | Featuring Rylee Applebee

Hi Friends,

Episode 26 is a wonderful picture of relational honesty between my wife and I. We also get into some HEAVY hitting parenting tips!

Episode 27 is my most unfiltered and unbridled episode yet so BEWARE! I take aim at the consumer holiday that is Valentines Day. I take aim at the academy awards! But I don’t just rant and rag on folks.

I also get intensely personal again by walking you through a day in the life of my thought life! (Not just to over-share, but to give an example of an ancient technique of self-awareness!)

The episode concludes with addressing one of the most skipped steps in our Christian formation… you’ll have to listen to find out more!

Here are the links:

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Episode 25 | When Tragedy Strikes + Meeting God on the Open Road

When tragedy strikes especially celebrity it gives everyone pause. It also stirs pretty much every single kind of question… Life, death, heaven, eternity, family, meaning and on and on.

Here I take aim at all of these questions.

I also share a very personal journal entry about meeting God on a bike ride.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you’ll share with those who may find it helpful or encouraging.



The Applebee Way Podcast is BACK!

The Applebee Way Podcast is BACK!

After almost a year-long sabbatical (accidental-sorry about that!); we’re back and better than ever.

This second season will prove the best we’ve ever offered.

More interviews.

More of my wife.

More marriage and parenting. (And frankly anything that pops into my head.)

We start next week with a story of how God WRECKED me on a recent bike ride. (We’re talking ugly cries for days.)

Here is episode 1 for season 2… thanks for staying in this journey with me-I want to hear from you… seriously!



Episode 22, The AWP: Theology-What’s Your Knowledge of God?

Episode 22, The AWP: Theology-What’s Your Knowledge of God?

What you believe (or don’t believe) about God says a lot about the quality and direction of your life.

It also has some pretty outstanding eternal consequences.

My main preoccupation here as I interview Dr. Vance Gardner-Doctor of surgery, clinical studies and of course, Theology-is to get at the question of why people have left the church.

But I start from one major premise and that is this:

Every human being on this planet is born with a sense of the divine. This sense is instilled form within (our biological DNA) and without (the natural world around us).

So from this position, the question becomes really interesting: why don’t you believe in the God of the Bible or his local Church?

Here is the link to the show:



Are you suppressing the innate knowledge of God within and around you?

Why or why not?

Because you find the Bible offensive?

Because you find the example of so-called Christians detestable?

Or maybe because you have been personally hurt by the Church or someone who bears the name of Jesus…

As you can see this topic is transcendent as well as deeply personal!

-Disappearing Church by Mark Sayers
-This Cultural Moment podcast by John Mark Comer
-Deuteronomy 30:11
-Romans 1

Episode 21, The AWP: Finding Meaning in Your Work Through Hearing the Voice of God

Episode 21, The AWP: Finding Meaning in Your Work Through Hearing the Voice of God

We’ve all struggled with feeling lost, bored or devoid of mission at our work.

Whether you’re a CEO or stay-at-home mom, we’ve all been there.

But what if God had so much more for you in terms of your life’s work?

Regardless of the type of work, job, industry or position and regardless of how many times you changed jobs… what if there was one constant?

What if you could be in communication with God minute over minute, everyday at your work regardless of the task or mission?

The conviction of this episode is that you can hear from God from all sorts of crazy sources/inputs/channels AND…

That hearing from God/communicating with God on a daily basis is essential for finding true and lasting meaning in your life’s work!

Links I’ve referenced are:

  • Pete Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Leadership Podcast
  • Mark Sayers quote “we want a kingdom without a king” (from Disappearing Church)
  • Brother Lawrence’s book-The Practice of the Presence of God
  • Ravi Zacharis’ the four fundamental questions

listen here:



Episode 20, The Applebee Way Podcast: Lent (From Status Quo to Apocalypse)

Episode 20, The Applebee Way Podcast: Lent (From Status Quo to Apocalypse)

Haven’t you ever wondered what the real meaning is behind our so-called religious Holidays?

For me, Lent and Ash Wednesday are up there in terms of asking how it all began and what they really mean today.

Have they lost their meaning?

Have they become religious check box items?

OR is there power to transform us still inherent in these archaic faith traditions?

Eugene Peterson once described this church calendar season as evoking the urgency of the apocalypse within us…

I don’t know about you, but that’s a passion that I am after in my faith and worldview.

I hope you enjoy and learn from today’s episode!